The SCENE Story


The Supply Chain Executives Networking Exchange, or SCENE, was founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit organization with a goal to bring executives within the supply chain sector together to share knowledge, experience and expertise. SCENE’s vision is to bring businesses across all segments of the supply chain together to increase collaboration and innovation within the sector.


Though there are many different business associations related to the supply chain sector, they tend to be disparate with a focus on one segment. SCENE differentiates itself by bridging the gaps in the supply chain community bringing organizations and people together resulting in innovation for the betterment of the entire supply chain sector. SCENE exists to drive engagement and action that moves the sector forward.


Executives are invited to participate in quarterly sessions, during which a variety of forums are hosted at no fee to invitees. Participants hold Director, Vice President or C-level responsibility within organizations across Western Canada.


Many of the problems businesses face are not unique to one organization. SCENE enables supply chain leaders to connect, collaborate and share insight with other executives who are faced with common business challenges. Participation within the exchange extends your reach to resources and people that may otherwise be inaccessible. SCENE fosters valuable business relationships, resulting in partnerships that promote industry innovation.





Our Mission


To enable supply chain executives to connect, collaborate and share for supply chain innovation. 







Providing a platform that fosters valuable business relationships.


A strong network of relationships is a key factor in sound career management and professional success. Many executives are so busy with the demands of delivering on their departmental mandate that networking and relationship management is often neglected. Almost all executives agree that networking is vital, and with a group of senior supply chain leaders in the same room at the same time, SCENE makes your time investment convenient and powerful.







Supporting partnerships that promote growth and innovation.


How would you like to be able to pick up the phone or send a quick email to connect with a peer who is working to solve the same challenges that you are facing in your organization? How did they handle it? What pitfalls can you avoid? How much did it really cost? Who else could help you? SCENE enables executives to make meaningful connections that foster this kind of active collaboration. The relationships established at our exchange enable you to better yourself and your organization, resulting in more robust capabilities.