Events Format & Schedule

SCENE hosts quarterly events at a variety of locations across BC on an invitation-only basis.





7:30 – 8:00 am        Registration, light breakfast and networking
8:00 – 8:10 am        Kick-off and introductions
8:10 – 9:50 am        Presentations
9:50 – 10:00 am      Conclusion and wrap-up


Collaboration and sharing is encouraged throughout the discussion between the presenter and attendees. Presenters prepare material for presentations that are approximately 40 to 50 minutes in length. Discussion may go beyond planned timelines depending on member involvement.




Presentation Structure

Fireside Chat: Interviews of senior executives are conducted in a relaxed, yet well thought out format with a facilitator guiding the discussion one-on-one and followed by audience Q&A.
Keynote: Industry and thought leaders present insight and experience on a variety of topics ranging from change management, leadership and industry and economic trends.
Panel: Subject matter experts are engaged on a broad topic with a facilitator guiding the discussion and Q&A.




Areas & Topics

• Leading supply chain transformation across your enterprise
• The changing face of supply chain
• Logistics across BC – co-loading – distribution share
• Labor resource pool for Northern BC and gateway projects
• Leaning towards BPI – business process insourcing
• Big data: How do we handle it? What do we do with all the data?
• Business intelligence and metrics
• E-marketplace solutions
• What’s going on with the Amazon drones – what’s next?
• Canadian logistics – challenges with trains and railway capacity
• Setting up vendor managed catalogues – internal processes required
• Global markets vs. local supply chain – how do small business benefit from the global supply chain?
• Group purchasing pros and cons – co-ops
• Lean practice adoption – change management in a warehouse environment




Mentorship & Volunteer Programs

Though an integral part of SCENE’s agenda will be dedicated to executives sharing knowledge and building partnerships, another element of our mission is to create opportunities for students to connect with industry leaders and become a part of the supply chain community. SCENE partners with colleges and universities to enable students to become a part of SCENE events through volunteerism and mentorship programs, allowing them to receive valuable guidance and connections at the start of their careers.


The SCENE advisory board includes a board membership seat reserved for student representation in order to create a greater sense of community amongst graduates entering the supply chain sector.